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OpenJS Foundation CLA

The OpenJS Foundation Board of Directors has approved an IP policy which allows projects to determine on a project-by-project basis whether contributors will be required to sign a CLA.  In addition, the Board has approved a CLA for individual contributors, and a CLA for corporate contributors.

Project maintainers may choose to use the DCO signoff process, an individual CLA and a corporate CLA (which covers multiple contributors from a single organization), or just an individual CLA.

The OpenJS Foundation uses the Linux Foundation’s EasyCLA tool to manage CLA signatures.  For repositories which require a CLA, EasyCLA automatically checks whether the author has a signature on file.  If not, the PR will be blocked and the contributor presented with a link to complete their signature.

The easiest way to sign the CLA is to open a pull request and sign when prompted (for example, against the EasyCLA test repo), because the EasyCLA bot will comment on the PR and report the status of the signature. Alternatively, contributors may pre-sign the CLA.

To set up EasyCLA for your repository, please contact