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New Company, New Member: Platformatic Joins the OpenJS Foundation

By September 12, 2022Announcement, Blog

Modern and scalable API platform aimed at simplifying back-end development created by two Node.js and Fastify veterans

SAN FRANCISCO – September 12, 2022 – The OpenJS Foundation, providing vendor-neutral support for sustained growth within the open source JavaScript community, is announcing today that Platformatic has joined as a silver member. The OpenJS Foundation is home for critical open source JavaScript projects including Appium, Dojo, Jest, jQuery, Node.js, webpack, and more.

Just announced last week, Platformatic is a startup company with a platform that aims to remove the friction from backend development. It is created by OpenJS Foundation Board Director and Fastify creator Matteo Collina, and Luca Maraschi, a seasoned executive.

Platformatic will continue to invest in Node.js and Fastify ecosystems, and release new open source tools.

“We are excited to welcome Platformatic as the newest member of the OpenJS Foundation,” said OpenJS Foundation Executive Director, Robin Ginn. “I’m always inspired by the creative collaboration that the founders of Platformatic bring to advance JavaScript development, and know that Platformatic will bring this energy to the foundation.”

“We are pleased to see Platformatic investing in the OpenJS Foundation so early on in their company’s inception,” said OpenJS Foundation Board Chairperson, Todd Moore. “We believe that having a neutral home at the foundation will increase the company’s collaboration and awareness among important developer communities.”

“Platformatic wants to create the best experience for backend developers. Our goal is to remove friction for backend developers, which is ambitious but can be done,” said Matteo Collina, Co-Founder and CTO of Platformatic. “To be clear, I’m not stopping my work maintaining Node.js and Fastify. Platformatic’s roots are in Node.js and Fastify, and as a team, we plan to invest in both the Node.js and Fastify ecosystems even more so by supporting the OpenJS Foundation.”

“Bringing backend developers to the forefront is more important than ever, and supporting the OpenJS Foundation is an important connection to many important developer communities. With the exponential growth of digital experiences and users, the so-called ‘front-end’ has been massively disrupted in the past few years. However, backend development is the missing piece,” said Luca Maraschi, Co-Founder and CEO of Platformatic. “We want to position Platformatic at the intersection of platform engineering challenges and delivery. By creating a foundation of modern APIs, Platformatic is set to remove barriers for delivery.”

Platformatic will announce soon the platform is generally available; follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

With a mission to help support the sustainable growth of JavaScript by operating as a neutral organization that hosts projects and funds activities, the OpenJS Foundation invites all companies that depend on JavaScript to join as members. If you are an individual and want to get involved, please check out JavaScriptLandia.

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