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MDN Developer and Designer Needs Survey

By July 16, 2019Blog

Are you interested in providing your perspective on the needs of web developers and designers who write code using HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript across the world? If so, MDN Web Docs has the survey for you! 

MDN, the not-for-profit, vendor-neutral organization behind MDN Web Docs, has issued its first-ever developer needs assessment survey, specifically aimed at web developers and designers. 

At the OpenJS Foundation, our mission is to support the healthy growth of JavaScript and web technologies. Understanding the needs of web developers and designers aligns with our mission, as these insights could provide key information in understanding the very ecosystem we support.

Who should take the survey and what can they expect?

This survey is geared toward developers and designers and only take about 20 minutes to complete. 

What comes next?

The fine folks at Mozilla will make the survey results available to everyone later this year. These results will help inform decisions made around improving resources for learning and understanding web technologies, as well as provide valid data on developer needs, and how they change year over year.

Interested in learning more and taking the survey? Check it out  here.