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Node.js Command Line Interface Applications Best Practices: A Guide

By February 20, 2020Announcement, Blog

Blog Contributed by Liran Tal, Developer Advocate at Snyk and Node.js Security Working Group Member

I recently started a collection of curated best practices on how to build successful, empathic and user-friendly Node.js Command Line Interface applications.

Why this guide?
Building successful CLIs requires great attention for details, an increased sense of empathy for the user and a good level of user experience. It is very easy to get wrong, and a bad CLI application can easily discourage users from interacting with it.
In this guide, I have compiled a list of 20+ best practices across different areas of focus, spanning from distribution, accessibility and cross-platform Node.js coding practices, to errors handling and overall user experience, which aim to optimize for the ideal user experience when interacting with a command-line application. To stay up to date on this guide, check out the GitHub Repo.