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The OpenJS Foundation turns one

By April 9, 2020Blog

We’ve just crossed the one year anniversary since the Node.js and JS Foundations were merged last March to create the OpenJS Foundation. So many folks pulled together to bootstrap OpenJS and based on that thoughtful and thorough work, we were quickly set up as a positive place for future growth. We didn’t want to let this milestone pass without saying a big thank you to the JavaScript communities for making the first year as a Foundation absolutely wonderful!

We know it’s not an easy time for our global community. Feelings of isolation and scarcity are real, and we hope this community can be a safe place to learn, collaborate and grow. Engaging with you all online has made us feel more connected and helps brighten our days. As we reflect on the one year since forming, we wanted to send sincere thanks to everyone who made our first year so special.

Thank you for the warm and inviting welcome! My first year on the job has been a dream come true thanks to this amazing community. 

Thank you to our newest Incubating Projects Node Version Manager (nvm), Fastify, AMP and Electron. Your trust in the Foundation to be good stewards of your important technology is an honor that we do not take lightly. We look forward to being your partner and witnessing the incredible things to come. 

Thank you to ALL of our projects and the project maintainers, collaborators, and contributors. Our Foundation would not exist without you and the value you bring to our entire community. In the spirit of bringing everyone together, we were proud to partner with this community on two OpenJS Foundation Collab Summits, bringing all projects together. You can go to to get more info and see a list of past and future events. And, yes, like everyone around the globe, we are adjusting to the new normal and are looking to expand our abilities to run highly useful virtual events. Stay tuned!

Thank you to each member of the Cross Project Council and Board of Directors for their dedication and tireless effort in ensuring the best version of our Foundation continues to emerge. We have made incredible progress and know our future is bright because we have such strong, passionate and smart leaders at the helm. 

Thank you for the excitement and valuable feedback surrounding the Node.js Certifications. We launched the professional certification program to support the future of Node.js development in October. The two certification programs – OpenJS Node.js Application Developer (JSNAD) and OpenJS Node.js Services Developer (JSNSD) – are aimed at Node.js developers and are designed to demonstrate competence within the Node.js framework. The programs were developed in partnership with NearForm and NodeSource and are available immediately. Additionally, thank you to NearForm, NodeSource, and TrueAbilty for their partnership and expertise in getting these off the ground!

Thank you to our newest members Netflix, Skyscanner, and Vincit for joining the foundation and investing in the future of open-source JavaScript. Also, thank you to all of our members in their support for the OpenJS Foundation. If you are not already a member and are interested in learning more, we are happy to talk through the amazing benefits

What’s next
While no one has a crystal ball that can predict exactly what’s in store for us as a Foundation this coming year. But one thing is for sure, it will be just as exciting and fast-paced as the first year. We will continue to add new projects and members while growing our shared resource pool for the benefit of our community. Things like more cross-project support, ecosystem-wide focus on security and overall growth will certainly be part of our year. 

Get Involved!
As we head into year two, we are looking for lots of ways for new folks to get involved! We’d love to collaborate with you.