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OpenJS World Keynote Series: Anil Dash, CEO at Glitch, “We Don’t Code Alone”

By July 8, 2020Blog, OpenJS World

During the OpenJS Foundation global conference, OpenJS World, we heard from many inspiring leaders. In this keynote series, we will highlight the key points from the keynote videos. 

Anil Dash, the CEO of Glitch, gave a Keynote address on June 25th, 2020. Glitch is a web based application that allows anyone to create full stack web applications in their browser. This Keynote, titled “We Don’t Code Alone”, addresses the question “What is JavaScript?” as well as discusses the intersection between software and social issues.  

Full Video Here

The video begins with a series of thoughts on what JavaScript has evolved into and why Glitch chose to run on JS. Dash then moves on to discuss the ways that technology has failed us as a people outside the world of development, because software impacts the real world in ways that are not always positive. You can find the Keynote broken down by section below: 

What Is Glitch? (0:03)

We Don’t Code ALone (0:39)

Supporting JavaScript (1:23)

What Is JavaScript? (1:58)

JavaScript as a Network (3:14)

JavaScript as a Social Network (4:45)

Networks Have Power (7:45)

A Small Example (8:08)

“Software is Eating the World” (9:36

Technology Is Not The Answer (12:05)

A Powerful Example (13:40)

Our Challenge (15:40)

Who’s Choices? (16:25)

We Don’t Code Alone (18:40

Thanks to Anil for joining us at this year’s event!