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OpenJS World Keynote Series: Cassidy Williams, “Learning by Teaching for Your Community”

By July 14, 2020Blog, OpenJS World

During the OpenJS Foundation global conference, OpenJS World, we heard from many inspiring leaders. In this keynote series, we will highlight the key points from the keynote videos. 

As a developer it can be tempting to tunnel vision into the code and churn out app after app with relative ease. However, engaging with the community can be a rewarding experience that ultimately deepens understanding and fosters useful relationships. Cassidy Williams, Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify, highlights the personal and communal benefits of interacting with other developers in her Keynote address. Williams emphasizes that the best way to learn is to teach. In doing so, one may create an invaluable resource for themselves and others. 

Full Video 

Williams starts off by stating that “plans aren’t real.” This assertion carries significant weight in light of changes that have taken place due to the pandemic. Williams uses her own experiences to guide her talk — she explains how creating tutorials, newsletters and giving talks forced her to become more knowledgeable. Additionally, connecting with developers within her workplace formed a community that helped her to find new opportunities. Williams ends her talk by explaining that it is best to build up relationships before you need them so that others are excited to talk and interact with you. The relationships that one builds with other people are relatively constant, and developers can support each other through tumultuous times. 

You can find the Keynote broken down by section below:

Introduction 1:27

Plans Aren’t Real 5:12

Embrace Your Community 7:05

The Best Way to Learn is to Teach Your Community 08:15

Be a Giver, Not a Taker 11:40

Be the Community Member You Want To See in the World 15:27

Thanks to Cassidy for joining us at OpenJS World this year!