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Production Loading Performance 10 Years Later

By August 5, 2020Blog, OpenJS World

Nicole Sullivan, Product Manager for Chrome at Google, recently hosted an informative keynote presentation with Google software engineer Shubhie Panicker on production loading performance during OpenJS World. Their collaboration in this area spans over 10 years, and the presentation begins with a look back at loading performance issues and then opens into how steps are being taken to improve performance currently. 

The discussion ranges from problems with loading to how OpenJS is helping partners to develop and test programming. This video can help individuals interested in systemic web performance issues and current projects to solve them. It may also be of interest to individuals who own domains with retention issues based on loading times. 

You can watch the full interview here: 

Full Video Here

Introductions (0:00)

Loading Performance Then and Now (1:00)

Developer’s Tooling (3:30)

What’s the Problem with Loading? (4:15)

First Interaction Delay (6:00)

You COULD Solve These Problems By Yourself… (8:12)

What are SDKs? (9:50)

Next.js and React  (11:05)

Initial Perf Wins (12:19)

Tested Concurrent Mode (14:00)

What’s Next? (16:18)

Much thanks to Nicole and Shubhie!

During the OpenJS Foundation global conference, OpenJS World, we heard from many inspiring leaders. In this keynote series, we will highlight the key points from the keynote videos.