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Introducing the OpenJS Collaboration Network

By November 12, 2020Blog

This post was written by Michael Dawson, Node.js lead for Red Hat and IBM at Red Hat, OpenJS Foundation Board member, and Cross Project Council member.

Across more than 30 OpenJS Foundation community projects and the JavaScript community at large, there are many shared obstacles that we face as well as opportunities to learn from each other. Having a common place where a variety of projects and community members can convene to try and solve these problems, or share best practices, seemed like a great way to strengthen our community. This is why we are creating the OpenJS Collaboration Network through our Cross Project Council. 

The OpenJS Collaboration Network can further the value of the foundation in a few key ways, while also giving value back to the community. 

The OpenJS Collaboration Network provides the framework for people to collaborate on areas of importance to the JavaScript ecosystem in a neutral space. In some cases, technical scenarios may align with projects and in other cases be independent of the member projects. Regardless of the alignment with existing member projects, the OpenJS Foundation Collaboration Network provides support for collaboration in a particular area. 

Support includes but not be limited to:

  • a GitHub repo in the OpenJS org
  • marketing support
  • mailing lists
  • Slack channels
  • representation on the CPC
  • The current Collaboration Networks spaces are listed in the main in the CPC repository.

How to propose a Collaboration Space

If you have a topic that you feel would benefit from wide community collaboration, you can get started by filling out the [Collaboration Space Application Template]( and emailing it to  

What is the process of getting approved?

Once the application is submitted the CPC will review the application. Some of the key elements of the review are captured in the [Initial fit checklist](  It’s helpful if you include the answers to those questions along with the application.

Once approved, what are the next steps to getting started?

Once approved the CPC and Foundation staff will help the champions set up a new repository, get access to the meeting tools like Zoom, create Slack channels, and get things kicked off.

For more details on the overall process the full process is documented in:

We look forward to working with champions to foster important JavaScript discussions and work within the Collaboration Network. If you had a topic or important discussion you’ve felt the JavaScript community should be having and want to help move that forward but didn’t know where to start, the Collaboration Network is here to help.