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NativeScript joins OpenJS Foundation as Incubating Project

By December 7, 2020Announcement, Blog

NativeScript is the newest incubating project at the OpenJS Foundation! 

NativeScript joins OpenJS

NativeScript empowers you to access native platform APIs from JavaScript directly. The result is a streamlined and delightful development experience minimizing language switching and IDE jumping. 

An expanding number of use cases including the full spectrum of iOS and Android platform API development with desktop runtime possibilities continue to create excitement and enjoyment to global development communities. Leveraging common web development skills, like CSS and the JavaScript language itself, developers can unlock the full experience and performance from the rich API offerings of the iOS and Android platforms. NativeScript is particularly well-suited to provide opportunities in significant code reuse between web and mobile developments.

Incubating projects under the OpenJS Foundation are projects that are in the process of completing their on-boarding checklist to join the foundation. There are currently 35 open source projects under the OpenJS Foundation umbrella.

NativeScript can be integrated with other native platform APIs to continually enrich and expand JavaScript’s abilities. The framework not only allows usage of plain JavaScript/TypeScript to create applications, but also allows integration with Angular, VueJS, React, Svelte, and any JavaScript-driven frontend framework to allow developers to reuse their web knowledge in their favorite frontend frameworks to create native platform applications.

Why is NativeScript Joining OpenJS?

NativeScript was created in 2014 and quickly gained popularity among JavaScript developers. The software consulting company and strong NativeScript community member nStudio assumed responsibility for this open source project in June, 2020, to support increased community interest and improved engagement with the core framework.

The project then shifted to an open governance model in June of 2020, inspired by the Node.js and JS Foundations and by other standards bodies. Joining the OpenJS Foundation will allow the project to strengthen this focus on transparency and openness as a basis for growing the community around the world.

“We are excited to be joining the OpenJS Foundation. We believe this will directly benefit both a wonderful community of developers and end user businesses that rely on it worldwide. We have been involved with NativeScript for the past six years, and we see joining OpenJS as a natural step in its evolution,” said NativeScript maintainer and nStudio Senior Partner Nathan Walker. “NativeScript is a uniquely delightful tool for empowering JavaScript developers with access to native platform APIs, and we are constantly inspired by the thoughtful and passionate community to improve the technology.” 

“We are thrilled to welcome NativeScript. The OpenJS Foundation exists to house a diverse set of open source projects that contribute to the JavaScript ecosystem on a global scale,” said Robin Ginn, OpenJS Foundation executive director. “It’s exciting when projects come in whose goals align similarly to ours. We will provide resources and guidance to help NativeScript move forward in multiple fronts including governance, technology, community outreach and much more.”

“As a prominent project in the open source JavaScript community, having NativeScript join as an incubation project is an important addition to the Foundation,” said Joe Sepi, OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council Chair. “We as a community are excited that NativeScript has taken this important step in their growth and evolution and look forward to their continued success. I am pleased NativeScript has chosen the OpenJS Foundation as its home.”

“I demand a lot from our development team in order to deliver the best user experience within the Sweet app, and NativeScript has been able to deliver,” said Tom Mizzone, CEO Sweet.

“Working with Nativescript has been the most fun I’ve had developing in years,” said Mike Carzima, Solutions Architect, iMedia Inc.

NativeScript can be cloned here. Get started immediately!


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