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JavaScriptLandia News: InfoQ Interview

By January 29, 2021Blog, JavaScriptLandia

In December of 2020, the OpenJS Foundation officially announced JavaScriptLandia, an individual supporter program and a place where all JavaScript fans, no matter your flavor or technology preference, can creatively express support for the JavaScript ecosystem and OpenJS communities. The program is $25 USD annually.

Sara Chipps, the initiative champion sat down with Guy Nesher, with InfoQ, to share details about this brand new program.

Interview highlights:

  • The OpenJS Foundation is a vendor-neutral organization that supports open-source projects
  • Contributing to open-source projects can mean more than just writing code
  • There are more challenges to open source contribution than is often discussed
  • JavaScriptLandia is a new initiative that encourages individuals to participate in the OpenJS Foundation

Read the full interview here: