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OpenJS World Adds Day 2

By May 26, 2021Blog

Day 2 to include IBM Workshop and Speaker Q and A

The OpenJS Foundation is gearing up for its second annual OpenJS World, a free, virtual event that gathers developers, software architects and engineers from all around the world as well as maintainers and community members from OpenJS Foundation hosted projects such as AMP, Fastify, Electron, and Node.js. 

With so many interesting talks with subject matter experts from the field, as well as the IBM Day of Workshops, we have added a second day to OpenJS World. On day one, June 2, keynotes will premier at 9 am PDT, followed by the speaker tracks. Attendees can watch our on-demand sessions in any order they wish, and then on June 2 and 3, join the speakers for live Q&A sessions on Slack. Read on for the full schedule layout across June 2 and 3.

IBM Day of Workshops
On June 3 from 7 am PDT to 12 pm PDT, IBM will be hosting a day of workshops. This is a great opportunity to learn from experts who work on the Node.js platform and who build robust Node.js applications in the field.  Those interested in attending the IBM workshops can register here, as part of the OpenJS World registration. If you’ve already registered for OpenJS World, you can add the workshop by modifying your registration.

Check out more information, and the full list of prerequisites here:

OpenJS World Happy Hour
Join us on June 2, from 12:30-1:30 PDT for an OpenJS World Happy Hour. While we may be hosting this event virtually, we still want to connect with the community, live, and celebrate our collective wins. Details for joining will be posted in Slack. 

Live Speaker Q and A: June 2 and 3
We are so excited to offer OpenJS World attendees the chance to chat with speakers via Slack. We encourage you to watch the speaker sessions, and then join the speakers on Slack to ask questions and discuss their talks in dedicated Q&A sessions on June 2 and 3, 2021. We have more than 80 speaker Q and A’s across global time zones scheduled and we hope you’ll join us! 

The full speaker Q and A schedule can be found below or here: To participate, please sign up for our Slack Channel here:

TrackSession TitleSpeaker(s)Slack Channel
14:00 – 14:20 PDT 23:00- 23:20 CEST
Automation(Ͼ˳Ͽ)…Check-my-repo!!! – Paloma Oliveira, Sauce LabsPaloma Oliveira, Sauce Labs#openjs_world-automation_ci_cd
CommunityTake a Trip through JSLandia – Joe Sepi, IBM & Jory Burson, Linux FoundationJoe Sepi, IBM#openjs_world-community_building
DevelopmentOne Source to Rule them All – John Niedzwiecki, Disney Streaming ServicesJohn Niedzwiecki, Disney Streaming Services#openjs_world-development
GeneralLightning Talk: ML at Client Side – Muthukumarswamy B, EnqueroDr. Muthu Balakrishnan, Enquero#openjs_world-general
PerformanceSafely Handling Dynamic Data with TypeScript – Ethan Arrowood, MicrosoftEthan Arrowood, Microsoft#openjs_world-performance
Securitysecure.AllTheThings() – Make Security Accessible to Everyone! – Christian Bromann & Justin Dolly, Sauce LabsChristian Bromann & Justin Dolly, Sauce Labs#openjs_world-security
14:20 – 14:40 PDT 23:20 – 23:40 CEST
AutomationInternet of Things (IoT) with Node: Both Practical and Fun! – Jesse Gorzinski, IBM & Michael Dawson, Red HatMichael Dawson, Red Hat#openjs_world-automation_ci_cd
CommunityTake the Leap into Open Source Projects – Tim Lai, SmartBear SoftwareTim Lai, SmartBear Software#openjs_world-community_building
DevelopmentUpgrading to Fastify 3 – Austin Akers, MicrosoftAustin Akers, Microsoft#openjs_world-development
GeneralJavaScript and the MySQL Shell – David Stokes, OracleDavid Stokes, Oracle#openjs_world-general
PerformanceHit the Ground Running with WebAssembly – Robert Aboukhalil, InvitaeRobert Aboukhalil, Invitae#openjs_world-performance
SecurityPackage Vulnerability Management and Reporting Collaboration Space for OpenJS World – Darcy Clarke, Github & Wes Todd, NetflixWes Todd, Netflix#openjs_world-security
14:40 – 15:00 PDT 23:20 – 23:40 CEST
AutomationShifting-left and Right to Test a web app with CI – Nikolay Advolodkin, Sauce LabsNikolay Advolodkin, Sauce Labs#openjs_world-automation_ci_cd
DevelopmentMaking Capacitor Flux with NativeScript and an Ionic Friend – Nathan Walker, nStudio LLCNathan Walker, nStudio LLC#openjs_world-development
GeneralBuilding Strongly Typed REST Clients with Typescript – Jose Manuel Heredia Hidalgo, MicrosoftJose Manuel Heredia Hidalgo, Microsoft#openjs_world-general
15:00 – 15:20 PDT 00:00 – 00:20 CEST
AutomationWrite Great Code, in the Cloud – Linda Nichols, MicrosoftLinda Nichols, Microsoft#openjs_world-automation_ci_cd
GeneralNotebooks in VS Code – Tanha Kabir, MicrosoftTanha Kabir, Microsoft#openjs_world-general
PerformanceObserving Node.js: Using Metrics to Improve your Application Performance – Guilherme Hermeto, NetflixGuilherme Hermeto, Netflix#openjs_world-performance
15:20 – 15:40 PDT 00:20 – 00:40 CEST
PerformanceDemystifying Database Performance Issues with sqlcommenter – Jan Kleinert & Bala Chandrasekaran, GoogleJan Kleinert, Google#openjs_world-performance
15:40 – 16:00 PDT 00:40 – 01:00 CEST
GeneralVS Code Tips and Tricks – Harald Kirschner, MicrosoftHarald Kirschner, Microsoft#openjs_world-general
16:00 – 16:20 PDT 01:00 – 01:20 CEST
AutomationAutomation as a Core IT Principle – Jean Burellier, Euler Hermes (Allianz Group)Jean Burellier, Euler Hermes (Allianz Group)#openjs_world-automation_ci_cd
CommunityNode.js Diagnostic Best Practices – Gireesh Punathil, IBM India & Mary Marchini, NetflixMary Marchini, Netflix#openjs_world-community_building
DevelopmentType-safe GraphQL with TypeScript – Aaron Powell, MicrosoftAaron Powell, Microsoft#openjs_world-development
PerformanceHit the Ground Running with WebAssembly – Robert Aboukhalil, InvitaeRobert Aboukhalil, Invitae#openjs_world-performance
16:20 – 16:40 PDT 01:20 – 01:40 CEST
DevelopmentApplication Modernization with Camel JavaScript and OpenShift – Ip Sam & Wuxin Zeng, Red HatIp Sam, Red Hat#openjs_world-development
16:40 – 17:00 PDT 01:40 – 02:00 CEST
DevelopmentType-safe GraphQL with TypeScript – Aaron Powell, MicrosoftAaron Powell, Microsoft#openjs_world-development
GeneralLightning Talk: Node-RED installer, Standalone Installer using Electron – Kazuhito Yokoi, Hitachi, Ltd.Kazuhito Yokoi, Hitachi, Ltd.#openjs_world-general