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OpenJSWorld committee members share their tips for submitting your talks to OpenJS World 2022

By February 1, 2022Blog, OpenJS World

Want to find out how to successfully submit a talk to OpenJS World? This year’s event is taking place June 6-10, 2022 in Austin, Texas. The deadline to submit talks is February 14, 2022. 

Members of the OpenJS World Program Committee, Joe Sepi (IBM), Beth Griggs (RedHat), and Daniel Cousineau (GoDaddy) discussed frequently asked questions and answers along with personal tips for submitting talks and successfully presenting at OpenJS World. People were able to ask questions via Twitter and live YouTube chat.

The conversation ranged from details about OpenJS World, personal experiences with first-time speaking, talk length and formats, to ways to get mentored before presenting an approved talk. Discussion outside of the Q&A focused mostly on the importance of participating in OpenJS World.

The full talk is available here:

0:00 Welcome and details about OpenJS World

2:45 Confirmed keynote speakers to date

4:00 What’s the first talk you ever gave?

7:40 If you think you’re not into public speaking now, you might surprise yourself

10:00 Preparation and coping with nerves

16:30 How many talks should you submit?

19:50 Getting help from the Program Committee

22:00 Talk lengths, formats, connect with us:, and join cfp-mentorship channel

23:40 Diversity goals, community fund

28:00 Do’s and don’t’s of storytelling

34:25 How technical do you need to be?

39:40 Even junior developers can provide value to senior audience members

41:10 Things to keep in mind

46:30 Topics and types of talks

48:45 The review process

53:50 Moderation, Code of Conduct, Inclusive Speaking

57:20 Calls to action

58:10 Closing thoughts