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OpenJS Foundation Names 2022  Board of Directors

By February 15, 2022Blog

OpenJS Foundation is thrilled to welcome the newly elected 2022 Board of Directors, including our first-time Silver Board Director Jordan Harband from Coinbase. 

Jordan Harband, OpenJS Silver Director, Coinbase

Jordan joins the appointed Platinum Directors, the recently re-elected Gold and End-User Directors, and the Cross Project Council Directors who are elected by the technical communities at various times through the year. 

Meet our 2022 Board Directors:

  • Todd Moore, Platinum Director, IBM
  • Sonal Bhoraniya, Platinum Director, Google
  • Sean Johnson, Platinum Director, Joyent
  • Shayne Boyer, Platinum Director, Microsoft
  • Daniel Cousineau, Gold Director, GoDaddy
  • Jordan Harband, Silver Director, Coinbase
  • Alex Liu, End-User Director, Netflix
  • Sara Chipps, Cross Project Council Director
  • Michael Dawson, Cross Project Council Director

Jordan is an active member of the OpenJS Cross Project Council, the technical governing body of the OpenJS Foundation. He’s the maintainer for nvm (Node Version Manager), a widely-used OpenJS project to manage multiple versions of Node.js. Jordan also has been heavily involved in the Node.js project, and moderates the Node.js community Slack channel. He also is a longtime participant in TC39 (the committee that writes the specification for JavaScript) and was an editor of the specification from 2018-2021. He received an Ecma Recognition Award for his contributions as an Editor of the JavaScript language specification (ECMA-262). Jordan is an engineer at Coinbase and is helping build out its Open Source Programs office. Coinbase has 73+ million verified users and relies heavily on JavaScript and Node.js tooling for every user-facing client. The company also recently transitioned to a single React Native codebase for its mobile development. 

WIth this Board transition, we also want to extend a giant thank you to departing Silver Board Director Myles Borins, who remains very much a part of our OpenJS communities. His work at GitHub helps to make npm better and more secure for developers, and his contributions to TC39 and his leadership in helping build our open governance model has greatly influenced the positive culture we all share today at OpenJS.

Read more about our new faces who joined the Board last fall, Shayne Boyer at Microsoft, Daniel Cousineau at GoDaddy, and Alex Liu at Netflix