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Node.js Security Progress Report – Permission System Gets Its First Pull Request

By August 5, 2022October 11th, 2022Blog, Node.js, Node.js Security

July was a busy month for improving Node.js security, with reinforcements from the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) grant to OpenJS! There was the first pull request for the Permission System, a Node.js Security Release, and a new OpenSSL Security Release which meant updates to Node.js v18, v16, and v14, and triaging and fixing HackerOne reports (5 total).

Permission System

Node.js is building a security Permission System to avoid third-party libraries accessing machine resources without user consent. The Permission System got its first pull request in July! The pull request is 1,200 lines and includes the foundation of the Permission Model. There has been good feedback from the community, and the pull request has been shared publicly. This is the starting point; plenty of review and discussion is expected. 

OpenSSL Update

OpenSSL released a major security update on July 5. Node.js responded with our OpenSSL Security Release Assessment, which stated that the OpenSSL release affects Node.js v18, v16, and v14, with one moderate vulnerability on Windows 32-Bit x86. Our Node.js Security Releases were made available on July 7, covering 7 fixes. (A normal update level is 2-3 fixes.) 

It is best practice to have a revert flag for security updates that can include breaking changes. This is for installations that need a temporary work around. For v16 and v14, we had implemented the fixes without the revert flag (–openssl-shared-config) but are working for it to be available in the next Node.js release. 

Node.js tracks OpenSSL releases closely. The document Maintaining OpenSSL shows how we check requirements, extract new OpenSSL sources, and commit them.

Triaging and Fixing

Node.js analyzes and solves reports on HackerOne. The team triages Node.js issues and fixes security vulnerabilities. HackerOne access is required. For security reasons, reports are not disclosed until getting a CVE designation.

Join us!

Node.js is a critical community-led project where we need more people to contribute. If you are interested in lending your security expertise, we would like your participation. Our Security Working Group meets on Thursdays. You can download the calendar info from here: Node.js Project Calendar and find issues for meetings in this repo: nodejs/security-wg.