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From OpenJS World 2022: Hedy: Creating a Gradual Programming Language – Dr. Felienne Hermans, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science

By August 11, 2022Blog, OpenJS World

Dr. Felienne Hermans, from the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science and founder of Hedy, presented on creating Hedy, a gradual programming language. Dr. Hermans began the presentation by giving some background history of the creation and goals of the project. After this, Dr. Hermans followed up with some of the issues encountered in her experience teaching children how to code. This sparked her idea of finding ways to manage cognitive load. 

There is a demonstration of Hedy including some key features like steps, cheat sheets, and language. Dr. Hermans closes the presentation with the impact of Hedy and the public response received from this gradual programming language. 

Full keynote available here: 

Main Sections:

0:00 Introduction and history of Hedy

2:37 Compilers are lovely teachers… 

6:54 How do other fields manage cognitive load?

9:24 Can we teach code like reading?

10:32 Demo time

17:45 How it’s going

20:24 Thank you!

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