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From OpenJS World 2022: Embracing Open Source to Beat the Great Reshuffle – Joe Sepi, Program Director of Open Technology, IBM

By August 25, 2022Blog, OpenJS World

Continuing on in our OpenJS World Keynote Series, we’re highlighting a presentation on Embracing Open Source to Beat the Great Reshuffle from the June conference. To view all of the keynotes and presentations, please visit the OpenJS YouTube Channel.

Joe Sepi, Program Director of Open Technology at IBM, gave a presentation on IBM practices to embrace open source to beat the great reshuffle. Integrating open source at the core makes good sense from a business perspective in a variety of ways. In this keynote, Joe focused on the people part of the benefits, from talent to culture. Empowering employees to be authentically engaged in open source can provide access to an excellent hiring pipeline, help insulate companies against the “great reshuffling,” and bring greater returns on investments.

Full keynote available here: 

Main Sections

0:00 Introduction

3:14 Open Source at IBM 

4:25 Before Open Source was cool

8:02 Open Source contributions through time

9:08 Closing and thank you!

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