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From OpenJS World 2022: Moving from Awareness to Action: Creating Inclusive and Accessible Experiences – Reginé Gilbert, Industry Assistant Professor, NYU

By September 28, 2022Blog, OpenJS World

Reginé Gilbert, Industry Assistant Professor at NYU, presented on Creating Inclusive and Accessible Experiences at OpenJS World 2022 this past June. As Reginé stated, “we are responsible for creating worlds of experiences and systems that impact millions of people – with lasting impacts.”

The presentation began with Reginé sharing the importance of inclusion and accessibility in today’s world. She then followed by listing the five key elements of accessibility culture and then gave an overview of the importance of each element. Reginé shared various social media accessibility practices and provided an example of social media accessibility features being used along with common accessibility issues. From this, Reginé concludes with a variety of action items for the audience to practice in their own work to move from awareness to action. 

Full keynote available here: 

Main Sections:

0:00 Introduction 

0:29 Inclusion

1:26 Accessibility 

4:39 Culture

6:05 Social Media accessibility practices 

13:53 Common accessibility issues

16:29 Things to consider when creating experiences

19:51 Moving from awareness to action

21:16 Closing

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