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Get Node.js Certified with the Newest Version!

By November 1, 2022May 27th, 2023Blog, Certification, Node.js

The OpenJS Node.js certification exams have been updated with new content today to reflect the latest current, long-term support (LTS) version of Node.js 18. The certification is ideal for the upper-intermediate Node.js developers looking to establish their credibility and value in their career.

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The Node Application Developer testing content broadly covers competence with Node.js to create applications of any kind, with a focus on knowledge of Node.js core API’s while the Node Services Developer testing content covers creating and connecting HTTP services and along with web security practices. Many participants have talked about how the classes have helped both their confidence and their resume.

The exams have been updated based on an evaluation of all recent additions to Node.js core APIs, the evolution of the Node.js ecosystem, and continual tracking of industry standards. As a result, candidates will see a few exam questions have been either removed or added within relevant topic areas without increasing exam duration.

To help prepare for the Node.js Certification exams, the Linux Foundation offers training courses for both the Applications and Services exams. The training courses were authored by David Mark Clements, a principal architect, public speaker, author of the Node Cookbook, and open source creator specializing in Node.js and browser JavaScript, currently working with Holepunch on

These exams are evergreen and soon after Node.js updates its LTS version line, the certifications are updated to stay in lockstep with that LTS version. 

To see what’s new in Node.js 18, see “Node.js 18 Released With Improved Security, Fetch API, and Next-10 Strategic Initiatives” 

The OpenJS Node.js Certification program was developed over time with community input, and launched two years ago in partnership with NearForm and NodeSource. 

Discounts from 10% – 50% are available for all the OpenJS Node.js training and certifications for members of the OpenJS Foundation and supporters of its JavaScriptLandia program. Corporate subscriptions are also available for full access to the Linux Foundation Training and Certification programs. 

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