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Thank you! DigitalOcean Supports OpenJS Foundation with Open Source Credits

By December 6, 2022Blog

Thank you to our friends at DigitalOcean for supporting the OpenJS Foundation with their hosting services! DigitalOcean supports developer and entrepreneurial communities, and they have been supporting OpenJS-hosted projects jQuery and Node.js by granting monthly credits to expand the reach of these critical open source projects. 

“DigitalOcean has consistently shown a level of support for open source that goes above and beyond,” said Robin Ginn, Executive Director, OpenJS Foundation. “We depend on DigitalOcean for some key parts of our infrastructure that allow us to support and promote the JavaScript ecosystem. It makes a difference, and it is very much appreciated.”

“As a way to support open source projects that incorporate values that we believe in and advocate for, DigitalOcean is happy to offer these grants of credits to help with development, infrastructure, and testing needs. We strongly believe in giving back to valued open source ecosystems like the OpenJS Foundation,” said Megan Wood, Chief Strategy Officer at DigitalOcean. “We are focused on helping communities scale and continue to make open source ecosystems stronger than ever, we are very proud to support.”

From all of us at the OpenJS Foundation, we look forward to continuing to build the JavaScript ecosystem together!