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From OpenJS World 2023: Advancing Web Runtime Interoperability with WinterCG – Ethan Arrowood, Vercel

Talk from Ethan Arrowood, Senior Software Engineer, Vercel at OpenJS World 2023 in Vancouver, Canada, May 10-12.

WinterCG is a community group dedicated to promoting web interoperability and advancing the development of web runtimes such as Node.js, Vercel Edge Runtime, Cloudflare Workers, and more. In this talk, Ethan discusses the challenges and opportunities facing web runtime interoperability and showcases the innovative solutions being developed by WinterCG. Ethan provides an overview of the group’s mission, values, and members. Additionally, he highlights achievements and summarizes ongoing projects. Finally, Ethan offers a glimpse into WinterCG’s aspirations for the future and the impact that interoperable web runtimes will have on shaping the web of tomorrow.

Full talk available here: Advancing Web Runtime Interoperability with WinterCG: Empowering the Future of the Web.

Ethan’s slide deck is available here.

Main Sections

0:00 Introduction

1:14 Why the group was formed

2:06 The goal of WinterCG

3:08 Non-goals

4:21 The process: collaborate, propose, implement 

10:53 Achievements 

11:45 Achievement: Fetch – Static response.json()

12:30 Work in progress – relax forbidden headers 

13:46 Work in progress – performance and web crypto streams

14:40 Work in progress – AsyncContext

15:00 Closer look – AsyncContext

19:01 Work in progress – “wintercg” common key

23:38 Get involved

25:00 Thank you and Q&A

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