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From OpenJS World 2023: The Evolution of Open Source through Design – Lise Noble

Talk from Lise Noble, UX/UI Distinguished Engineer, Discover Financial at OpenJS World 2023 in Vancouver, Canada, May 10-12.

Lise Noble discusses the industry’s adoption of open source software as a means to drive innovation and efficiency. While organizations have been increasingly embracing Design Thinking and incorporating it into their product development practices, there is a growing demand to extend open source principles to the entire design process and lifecycle.

In this talk, Lise shares the approach to design and the emerging need for DesignOps to improve the quality of speed of effective design and the emerging opportunity for Designers in the open source community. Lise covers the lack of design in UX and UI and shares methods for including and practicing accessibility. She wraps up by exploring the future of open source in design. 

Full talk available here: The Evolution of Open Source Design

Lise’s slide deck is available here.

Main sections

0:00 Introduction

1:17 Agenda

2:01 Engineering and design 

4:05 Lack of design and open source

7:01 Design thinking 

11:48 Common complexities

12:54 What if???

15:13 Intro to unified design with theme builder 

16:40 Atomic design and samples

18:12 Accessibility

19:13 Common disabilities/impairments

22:25 The state of Accessibility – provided by GAAD

23:08 Accessibility and atomic design 

24:25 Accessibility and color are HARD

26:26 Introducing theme builder – an open source project

27:00 Systems and themes

28:04 Layering systems and themes

31:05 Sub-branded themes?

32:23 What is design Ops Toolchain?

35:39 Importing code from Theme Builder into Figma

37:12 The benefits

37:43 Discover’s contributions to Open Source 

38:27 Looking ahead

41:35 The future of design and open source 

42:51 Thank you!

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