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From OpenJS World 2023: How to Develop Custom Node-RED Connectors without Coding – Kazuhito Yokoi

Talk from Kazuhito Yokoi, Software Engineer, Hitachi, Ltd. at OpenJS World 2023 in Vancouver, Canada, May 10-12. 

To promote the use of cloud services or devices from Node-RED, companies can easily publish their original connectors to the Node-RED flow library. But creating custom connectors is a time-consuming task because it requires coding with Node-RED-specific development rules. To solve this situation, Hitachi developed the Node generator tool as one of the Node-RED projects under the OpenJS Foundation. This tool can convert to custom connectors from various sources like OpenAPI documents. Recently, this tool has supported generating custom connectors from subflow as a new source. Using the subflow functionality, all Node-RED users are able to create their original connectors from the existing Node-RED flow without coding. In this talk, Kazuhito shows how to use the tool and integrate it with GitHub Actions to release connectors to the public semi-automatically.

Kazuhito’s slide deck is available here.

Main Sections 

0:00 Introduction

1:41 Hands-on seminars

2:09 Contributed OSS connector 

3:16 What is Node-RED?

5:36 Our products and services 

6:50 What is a custom connector?

10:29 Developing connectors from subflow

13:30 GitHub actions

14:22 Steps to develop connector 

21:05 Advanced settings

22:01 Examples of OSS connectors 

23:54 WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) connector

24:38 ZIG SIM Connector 

26:00 Stable diffusion connector 

27:00 React dashboard connectors 

28:00 Conclusion and other resources 

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