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Keynote Panel: Getting Hired

Scott Hanselman, Jerome Hardaway, Zainab Ebrahimi, and Saron Yitbarek will discuss getting hired in the JavaScript ecosystem.

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Scott Hanselman photo

Scott Hanselman

Partner Program Manager, Microsoft, Hanselminutes

Scott Hanselman is an open source developer who has been coding going on 30 years. He has a podcast with nearly 800 episodes spanning 15 years, an active YouTube and Twitter presence, and has recently entered TikTok as its oldest member who shouldn’t be on TikTok. His goal is to lend his privilege to the next generation of developers and help everyone be happy and successful.

Jerome Hardaway photo

Jerome Hardaway

Executive Director, VetsWhoCode

Jerome Hardaway is Writer at Stack Overflow, Instructor at Front End Masters, Executive Director of Vets Who Code, and Javascript Developer in all of these opportunities. As a writer and instructor, he focuses on those learning how to code and are looking to get their first job as a Web Developer. As an Executive Director he focuses on training and gathering the resources so that veterans can become employed javascript developers, with a focus on Javascript and APIs.

Because of this work he has been highlighted in Wired Magazine and Huffington Post. He was also selected to represent Nashville at Google I/O and was invited to Facebook F8 as well as DreamForce. He has also been honored for his work with veterans at the White House by Barack Obama.

Zainab Ebrahimi photo

Zainab Ebrahimi

CEO, Florish

Zainab Ebrahimi is the founder of Florish, a job interview coaching service for developers. She’s also a volunteer CS teacher and a web developer with almost 10 years experience. She’s based out of Brooklyn, NY.

Saron Yitbarek photo

Saron Yitbarek

Founder, Disco

Saron is the founder of Disco, an audio-first learning platform. She’s also the founder of CodeNewbie (acquired), a podcaster, and developer.