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Welcome Keynote: the Roaring Twenties for JavaScript

Last year, JavaScript hit a huge milestone – it turned 25 years old! When JavaScript was kicking off, Google was just getting started and Amazon sold its first book. Fast forward to today, and 96% of the world’s websites depend on JavaScript and it’s the number one programming language per surveys such as Redmonk and Stack Overflow. 

In this talk, given by Robin Ginn, Executive Director of the OpenJS Foundation, the audience will get an in-depth look into how this well-established and beloved programming language is continuing to innovate, and how her organization is building amazing and diverse communities to meet global challenges. While JavaScript has hit the 25-year mark, it’s hardly peaked. In fact, the best is yet to come. 

Watch the replay!

Robin Ginn

Executive Director, OpenJS Foundation

Robin Bender Ginn is the Executive Director of the OpenJS Foundation. OpenJS is the neutral home to grow and sustain the JavaScript and web ecosystem with over 35 projects including Node.js, Electron and AMP. Previously, Robin led major initiatives at Microsoft to advance open source technologies, community development, and open standards.

Todd Moore

VP of Open Technology and Developer Advocacy, IBM

Todd Moore, IBM VP of Open Technology, IBM Developer and Developer Advocacy, leads the global IBM team developing open source technologies and working in open communities. Using both digital assets and face to face interaction with developers, he seeks to build developer confidence and capabilities to solve Cloud Native, AI, Blockchain and Quantum computing challenges. Over his career, Todd and his team of developers have worked with leading open source communities such as the Apache Software Foundation, Linux Foundation, Eclipse, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Docker, CNCF, JS Foundation, Node.js and more to develop great code and spread best practices. He currently serves as Chairperson of both the OpenJS Foundation Board of Directors and the CNCF Governing Board.

“If you consume open source code, you need to give back to the community just as much and more.”