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New Faces on Our OpenJS Board

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As of October 2021, we have three new faces on the OpenJS Foundation Board of Directors. They are filling positions on the Platinum level, Gold level, and Community level. We welcome their collective experience and energy!

The Board sets technical policy, including “mission and vision statements, describing the overarching scope of foundation initiatives, technical vision, and direction.”

From our bylaws:

Each Platinum member is entitled to appoint one Director to the board, and the Platinum Directors are eligible to serve as chairperson and vice-chairperson. Gold and Silver members vote among themselves to select their representatives. The board also includes community representation, with up to 3 Community Director positions nominated by the CPC and its chartered committees.

Shayne Boyer


Shayne is currently a Principal Program Manager, leading the Developer Experiences team focused on cloud developer experiences for VS Code, Visual Studio and Azure. He has been leading teams in developer advocacy, enterprise, open source, web and the cloud for more than 10 years.

Daniel Cousineau


Daniel is a Senior Engineering Manager for GoDaddy’s UX Platform team, helping to deliver Javascript-powered tools and technologies to dozens of product teams ensuring a cohesive design and experience for nearly 19 million customers. He is also a passionate community advocate, helping organize community conferences like EmpireJS and meet-ups like QueensJS. He believes in the value that a healthy, accessible community can bring not only to future developers and leaders, but to the ecosystem as a whole.

Alex Liu


Alex is the Engineering Manager for the Node.js Platform team at Netflix responsible for curating the Node.js development experience for hundreds of engineers across the company. His team builds on the shoulders of the incredible open source communities that have found a home in the OpenJS Foundation, and advocates for the continued support and sustainability of the vibrant communities that have made today’s ecosystem possible.

Michael Dawson elected Community Director

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The OpenJS Foundation is delighted to announce that Michael Dawson has been elected to the OpenJS Board as the CPC Director, a community representation seat.  

Chosen by the Cross Project Council, Michael brings a wealth of experience to the board having acted as the Node.js Project TSC Chair, a member of the Node.js Community Committee, being an active contributor to the Node.js Project and being active on the CPC. Michael previously held the Node.js representative seat on the Board. This community seat replaces that designation.

In a statement provided to the community via GitHub, Michael says, “My goal as a board member is to bring the perspective of the foundation projects and greater community to the board while ensuring the needs of foundation projects are considered in the decisions that are made.”

Additionally, in being elected, Micahel plans to prioritize communication between the board and community, seek input on board decisions, and help champion broader and longer-term initiatives that are important to the success of the foundation. 

As a community representative to the OpenJS Board, Michael looks forward to taking what he’s learned from his work with Node.js, the CPC and recent collaborator summits to represent the broader community. Michael adds, “I look forward to broadening my role and representing more projects. In my role as the Node.js Board rep, the TSC and Comm Comm found board updates helpful. This could be beneficial for other projects and I would be happy to work to find the right way to provide these updates.”

Michael is IBM’s community lead for Node.js, where he works to coordinate and lead the work of IBM’s teams that contribute to the Node.js community.  He also works to support IBM’s many initiatives to provide great deployment options (public and private) for Node.js, ensuring the tools and products IBM delivers provide a first class experience for Node.js developers and supporting IBM’s internal and customer Node.js deployments.

Michael is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Outside of the office he enjoys playing badminton and softball as well as kayaking and paddle boarding. Extracurriculars also include building things with 3d printers, cnc machines, soldering irons and building apps to make daily life more fun.

OpenJS Foundation welcomes two new board members from GitHub and Netflix

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The OpenJS Foundation today welcomes two new members to the Board: Myles Borins from GitHub and Guilherme Hermeto from Netflix.

Myles Borins

Myles Borins is a staff product manager at GitHub where he helps to product manage the npm CLI as well as other cloud integrations. No stranger to open source governance, Myles previously served on the OpenJS Foundation Board as a Platinum Director representing Google, and previous to that, served as the Technical Steering Committee elected director on the Node.js Foundation Board. Myles is an involved and active member of the OpenJS and Node.js communities as well as a TC39 Co Chair and Delegate, representing GitHub and Microsoft. Myles received his BA from Ontario College of Art and Design and his Master’s degree from Standford. As the Silver Board Director, Myles is excited to represent a new group of individuals, the silver members, at the board and to continue to support OpenJS as a center of gravity for vendor-neutral collaboration on core JavaScript Open Source Software.

Guilherme Hermeto
Guilherme Hermeto

Guilherme Hermeto, a Senior Platform Engineer at Netflix, is joining the board as an End User Director. In his role at Netflix, Guilherme helps to design and develop the company’s internal serverless Node.js platform, which powers the Netflix user interface as well as web application infrastructure that supports the company’s content production. In addition, Guilherme serves as a Netflix delegate to TC39. In his role as a board member, Guilherme hopes to leverage his experience as a user of many OpenJS projects to represent the end-users’ views. Guilherme earned his Associates from Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina.

The End User Board position is new this year. Netflix has a large-scale Node.js deployment that serves as the front door for the majority of the Netflix consumer product experiences. The engineering team also used other OpenJS projects across its company, including LoDash, Mocha, and ESLint. 

“It is a pleasure welcoming Myles and Guilherme to the OpenJS Foundation board, as I know both will bring a wealth of experience and passion for Javascript to our mission,” said Todd Moore, OpenJS Foundation Board Chairperson. “We’ve experienced such great momentum, from launching new certifications and trainings, to onboarding new projects, and having these two talented professionals will only help us to continue facilitating collaboration within the JavaScript development community.”

“It’s an exciting time for the OpenJS Foundation as our community continues to grow,” said Robin Ginn, OpenJS Foundation Executive Director. “A strong board of directors is an important component of the overall success of the Foundation and I’m so happy to welcome Myles and Guilherme to the board. These trusted leaders will help the Foundation and drive broad adoption and ongoing development of key JavaScript solutions and related technologies.”

The OpenJS Foundation is thrilled to welcome Myles and Guilherme and is honored to have them on the board.