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JavaScriptLandia News: InfoQ Interview

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In December of 2020, the OpenJS Foundation officially announced JavaScriptLandia, an individual supporter program and a place where all JavaScript fans, no matter your flavor or technology preference, can creatively express support for the JavaScript ecosystem and OpenJS communities. The program is $25 USD annually.

Sara Chipps, the initiative champion sat down with Guy Nesher, with InfoQ, to share details about this brand new program.

Interview highlights:

  • The OpenJS Foundation is a vendor-neutral organization that supports open-source projects
  • Contributing to open-source projects can mean more than just writing code
  • There are more challenges to open source contribution than is often discussed
  • JavaScriptLandia is a new initiative that encourages individuals to participate in the OpenJS Foundation

Read the full interview here:

OpenJS Foundation individual supporter program now available: Join us in JavaScriptLandia!

By Announcement, Blog, JavaScriptLandia

This post was written by Sara Chipps, JavaScriptLandia initiative champion.

Whether you’re all about tabs or spaces, an old favorite or a new release, Vim or VSCode, JavaScriptLandia is a place where all JavaScript fans can creatively express support for the JavaScript ecosystem and OpenJS.

Join now!

JavaScriptLandia badge with sun and mountains.

An Individual Supporter Program has been on the community’s wish list, and we’re thrilled to make that available for the first time with the launch of JavaScriptLandia. Immediate benefits of this new supporter program include:

  • A digital badge to add to your online profiles, avatar, blog and/or personal website.
  • Recognition on our global supporter page on the OpenJS Foundation website.
  • A supporters’ weekly newsletter keeping you up to date on the lastest from OpenJS projects, the Cross Project Council, and the Board of Directors. You will also be invited to participate in discussions about governance and new initiatives.
  • Discounts for training, certification, conferences, and other exclusive offers.

Additional benefits will follow as the program grows, and citizens of JavaScriptLandia weigh in on what they would like to see most. This is a worldwide program priced at $25 USD. 

About the program

The Cross Project Council created JavaScriptLandia because community members wanted a way to show off their involvement and support for our project and cross-project communities, as foundation member companies do through their sponsorship. The CPC also sought to create more leadership opportunities for community members outside of and between our open source projects. This creates stronger bonds and a richer picture of OpenJS Foundation contributors.

We’ve also been hearing from our community that they would like a way to get involved. This is perfect for people that aren’t currently contributing to our projects, but are active JavaScripters. Our goal is to provide a method to join the OpenJS Foundation that wasn’t as expensive as sponsorship and would help members get to know the projects as well as have more access to internal goings-on. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, JavaScriptLandia seeks to unite an inclusive and diverse group of JavaScript fans from around the world who love all open source JavaScript projects, those that are part of the OpenJS Foundation and those that fall outside of our umbrella. Whatever your experience – or favorite library – JavaSciptLandia is a safe and easy entry point into this community for all.

We are looking for new perspectives and feedback from the vast community of JavaScript developers. That’s you! We’re looking forward to sharing everything that we’ve been doing and welcoming more of you to our meetings and various working groups. 

Full details here on the SUPPORTER PROGRAM repo.

Unite around the most popular programming language that brings a world of diversity among people and projects. Sign up today and you will go far as a JavaScriptLandian. 

To contact the team, please email