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JSON Schema Joins OpenJS Foundation

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JSON Schema is the newest technical project hosted under the OpenJS Foundation! 

JSON Schema is a vocabulary that allows you to annotate and validate JSON documents. It defines how a JSON should be structured, making it easy to ensure that a JSON is formatted correctly, and it is useful for automated testing and validating. In addition, JSON Schema provides clear human- and machine-readable documentation.

“We are thrilled to welcome JSON Schema into the OpenJS Foundation. Building a community requires dedicated people and great technology, which JSON Schema already has. It also requires a reliable structure for open governance and legal support that allows worldwide communities to grow. As the vendor-neutral home to almost 40 open source projects, JSON Schema already fits in well with our ecosystem of projects,” said Robin Ginn, OpenJS Foundation executive director. “We look forward to providing resources and support to JSON Schema to help their community to grow.”

“JSON Schema’s supportive community has in part enabled us to get this far. This has been critical to its success. JSON Schema is primarily a validation tool, plus it’s gaining additional uses such as generating forms, generating databases, or generating other UIs. We want to make sure the community and technology can continue to grow, possibly in unforeseen directions,” said Ben Hutton, JSON Schema specification lead at Postman. “By joining the OpenJS Foundation, we gain the community structure and support – with a strong focus on open governance – to continue to build and enlarge the community. We remain committed to being an interoperability focused standard, and want to provide assurance that JSON Schema will remain open and owned by the community that needs it.”

“The OpenJS Foundation continues to grow, and JSON Schema is a great addition. It is a key foundational technology, and by joining the OpenJS Foundation, it now has a strong home for further growth,” said Todd Moore, OpenJS Foundation Board Chairperson and Chief Developer Advocate IBM. “We are looking forward to working with and supporting JSON Schema.”

“The OpenJS Foundation is continuing to support key technologies that JavaScript communities rely upon. JSON Schema is an important addition,” said Joe Sepi, Open Source Program Director at IBM, and chairperson of the OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council.“ JSON Schema is a great example of how interconnected JavaScript technologies can be. Providing a structure for sharing data is critical.”

“The Cross Project Council carefully considers the projects that join our neutral home at the OpenJS Foundation. We are pleased to have JSON Schema onboard so we can support the project’s growth, and the maintainers can contribute their expertise to the broader JavaScript ecosystem through OpenJS,” said Eemeli Aro, Staff Software Engineer at Mozilla, and OpenJS Cross Project Council (CPC) member. 

JSON Schema will be designated “At-Large,” which includes many different types of projects but is most often used for stable projects with minimal needs. They are now officially in the incubation process where projects complete their on-boarding to join the foundation.

To find out more about JSON Schema, including a complete list of current implementations, see 

JSON Schema Resources


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