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OpenJS Foundation Goverance

The OpenJS Foundation is a member-supported 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.  Following best practices in the industry, we maintain a clear and consistent separation of responsibilities between technical and non-technical governance decisions.

In addition to top-level Foundation governance, each project has its own governance structure with processes adapted to the needs of its community.  While the OpenJS Foundation provides a number of high-level requirements to ensure each OpenJS Foundation project is sustainably and equitably run, project maintainers have a great deal of flexibility in day-to-day operations. The OpenJS Foundation Board of Directors appoints an Executive Director (ED) to run the organization on a day-to-day basis.  The ED is tasked with contributing to the strategic initiatives set out by the Board, implementing those initiatives and then reporting back on their success. The ED has the authority, within the boundaries of the current budget, to hire staff and contractors or partner with other organizations to advance the Foundation toward its goals. The ED reports to the Chairperson of the Board, with additional oversight and input from the full Board.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets overall technical policy through our bylaws, mission and vision statements, describing the overarching scope of foundation initiatives, technical vision, and direction.

Each Platinum member is entitled to appoint one Director to the board, and the Platinum Directors are eligible to serve as chairperson and vice-chairperson.  Gold and Silver members vote among themselves to select their representatives. The board also includes community representation, with up to 3 Community Director positions nominated by the CPC and its chartered committees.

Michael Maximilien
Platinum Director, IBM
Max (aka Dr. Max) is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and leader for the OSS teams contributing to all things Open Quantum and Open Serverless. Max has over 25 years of experience in open source software development, noted highlights include: (1) contributing to the initial USB HID code and Linux driver; (2) creating the JavaPOS open source device loader — used in point of sale terminals across the world; (3) doing pioneering research work on cloud computing and platform-as-a-service; (4) contributing to all aspects of Cloud Foundry and leading the community advisory board for 3 years; and (5) leading the IBM Knative development team, after pioneering its CLI. Max’s main expertise is in software engineering and distributed systems. Max published 80+ refereed papers with citations of 7000+ on GoogleScholar, 100s of blogs, and holds 22 issued patents. Max is an avid amateur photographer and triathlete; bragging rights: 2 award winning photos with Leica Society, 10 half Ironman, one full Ironman, and 20+ marathons. Max holds a masters and Ph.D. in computer science.
Sarah Drasner
Platinum Director, Google
Sarah Drasner is an award-winning Speaker, Director of Engineering, Core Developer Web at Google, where she runs the web infrastructure teams that power Google’s web apps, including the JavaScript and TypeScript languages at Google, multiple frameworks including Angular and Wiz, Build/Serve, CSS/Sass, Karma, and other web testing. Sarah is formerly VP of Developer Experience at Netlify, Principal Lead, at Microsoft Azure, Vue core team member. She’s an O’Reilly author and has given Frontend Masters workshops. Sarah is a co-organizer of ConcatenateConf, a free conference for Nigerian and Kenyan developers.
Sean Johnson
Platinum Director, Joyent
Sean leads Joyent’s Commercial Group covering a variety of diverse open source projects, products and services. Sean is an OSS-first product leader and advocate for vibrant and productive open source communities.
Shayne Boyer
Platinum Director, Microsoft
Shayne is currently a Principal Program Manager, leading the Developer Experiences team focused on cloud developer experiences for VS Code, Visual Studio and Azure. He has been leading teams developer advocacy, enterprise, open source, web and the cloud for more than 10 years.
Fiona Krakenbürger
Platinum Director, Sovereign Tech Fund
Fiona is Co-Founder of the Sovereign Tech Fund, an initiative funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, to support Open Source Infrastructure in the Public Interest. Fiona has a background in Open Source Funding and has helped bootstrap and implement Programs in Germany and the US. Prior to the Sovereign Tech Fund, she supported Internet Freedom technologies worldwide as Senior Program Manager at the Open Technology Fund in Washington D.C. Before that, Fiona helped set up the Prototype Fund, an Open Source Funding program in Germany. Besides her career in Open Source Funding, Fiona supported and founded various initiatives for more diversity in tech communities. She currently serves as a committee member of the RIPE Community Projects Fund and consults different funding programs in their strategic directions and development.
Daniel Cousineau
Gold Director, GoDaddy
Daniel is a Senior Engineering Manager for GoDaddy’s UX Platform team, helping to deliver Javascript-powered tools and technologies to dozens of product teams ensuring a cohesive design and experience for nearly 19 million customers. He is also a passionate community advocate, helping organize community conferences like EmpireJS and meet-ups like QueensJS. He believes in the value that a healthy, accessible community can bring not only to future developers and leaders, but to the ecosystem as a whole.
Abigail Cabunoc Mayes
Silver Director, GitHub
Abby leads GitHub’s open source maintainer programs where she works to help maintainers – and the open source ecosystem – thrive. Before joining GitHub, Abby led Mozilla’s open source engagement strategy for MozFest and trustworthy AI. She founded and led Mozilla Open Leaders, a program that has worked with over 600 open projects globally. She is active in the open source ecosystem as a current or past member of a variety of committees and editorial boards including the Journal of Open Source Software, the Mozilla Open Source Support Awards, and SustainOSS.
Paula Paul
Silver Director, Nearform
Paula has a rich career in software engineering, from mainframe product development at IBM to championing innovative open source and developer experience efforts in her current role as a Field CTO with NearForm. She is a distinguished engineer, author, speaker, angel investor, and mentor who is passionate about diversity and inclusion in engineering. Paula also serves on the Grace Hopper Open Source Day committee for
Adrian Estrada
End-user Director, NodeSource
Adrian is a seasoned developer, team leader, and community organizer currently serving as the VP of Engineering at NodeSource. He is deeply passionate about Node.js and the JavaScript ecosystem and has contributed to the Node.js core and other open-source JavaScript projects. Adrian is also the co-creator of the official Node.js certification exam and has invested much time in training the community. As a community organizer, he has co-organized major events like MedellinJS, one of the biggest JavaScript communities in South America, and the conferences NodeConf Colombia and JSConf Colombia. Adrian is also an international speaker who participated in multiple events around the globe.
Sara Chipps
CPC Director
As co-founder of the non-profit Girl Develop It and co-founder of Jewelbots, JavaScript developer Sara Chipps is actively working to increase the number of women and girls becoming web and software developers and entering STEM fields. A software developer for 20 years, Sara is a member of the OpenJS Foundation’s Cross Project council, a former Microsoft MVP for Developer Outreach and is a Senior Engineering Manager at LinkedIn.
Matteo Collina
CPC Director
Matteo is a prolific Open Source author in the JavaScript ecosystem and modules he maintains are downloaded more than 60 billion times a year. Previously he was Chief Software Architect at NearForm. In 2014, he defended his Ph.D. thesis titled “Application Platforms for the Internet of Things”. Matteo is a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee focusing on streams, diagnostics and http. He is also the author of the fast logger Pino and the Fastify web framework. Matteo is an renowned international speaker after more than 60 conferences, including OpenJS World, Node.js Interactive,, NodeSummit, JSConf.Asia, WebRebels, and JsDay. He is also co-author of the book “Node.js Cookbook, Third Edition” edited by Packt. In the summer he loves sailing the Sirocco.

Cross Project Council (CPC)

The Cross-Project Council, or CPC, is the top-level technical governance organization within the OpenJS Foundation.  The CPC is responsible for implementing technical policy and procedures, within the scope and direction of the policies set by the Board. The responsibilities of the CPC include defining and maintaining neutral consensus on the technical vision for hosted projects, shepherding projects through their technical lifecycle, and identifying, recruiting, and engaging prospective projects.  In addition, the CPC is chartered to establish an individual membership program. Finally, the CPC is also responsible for establishing and supporting hosted projects in their enforcement of the Code of Conduct. The CPC operates openly and transparently, with all regular business conducted in livestreamed meetings which anyone may attend.  While formal decisions are made by Voting members, any established member of the technical community may become a Regular member, and assist the CPC in carrying out its duties. Each Impact project in the OpenJS Foundation is entitled to nominate two Voting members.  Growth and At-Large projects can vote for two further nominees, as may the Regular members.

Joe Sepi
Chairperson; Voting member, Node.js
Joe is Program Director, Open Source Development - Cloud and Containers Worldwide Ecosystems at IBM and a CPC voting member representing the Node.js project. (He/Him)
Rich Trott
Voting member, Node.js
Rich Trott is a CPC voting member representing the Node.js project. He creates software, rock operas, and pizzas. He is a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee and works for the University of California, San Francisco. (He/Him)
Michał Gołębiowski-Owczarek
Voting member, jQuery
Timmy Willison
Voting member, jQuery
Timmy is Team Lead for jQuery Core and Lead Front-End Engineer at Spokestack.
Dylan Schiemann
Voting member, Dojo
Through his efforts as CEO of Living Spec, co-creator of Dojo, and co-organizer of HalfStack and TSConf, Dylan consistently advocates for a thriving open JavaScript and web ecosystem and community. (He/Him)
Jonathan Lipps
Voting member, Appium
Senior Director, Automation Technologies at HeadSpin and core Appium contributor
Kazuaki Matsuo
Voting member, Appium
Sean Larkin
Voting member, webpack
Alexander Akait
Voting member, webpack
Erick Zhao
Voting member, Electron
Tierney Cyren
Voting member, Electron
Tobie Langel
Voting member, At-Large projects
Tobie Langel is an open-source and web standards consultant based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Jordan Harband
Voting member, At-Large projects
Jordan is a prolific open source contributor, particularly in the npm ecosystem; a TC39 delegate (and editor, for a time) working on the JavaScript specification since 2014; and a long-time participant in Node.js itself.
Michael Dawson
Voting member, Regular Members
Michael Dawson is an active contributor to the Node.js project and chair of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee(TSC). He contributes to a broad range of community efforts including platform support, build infrastructure, N-API, Release, as well as tools to help the community achieve quality with speed (ex: ci jobs, benchmarking and code coverage reporting). As the Node.js lead for Red Hat and IBM , he works with Red Hat's and IBM's internal teams to plan and facilitate their contributions to Node.js and v8 within the Node and Google communities. Past experience includes building IBM's Java runtime, building and operating client facing e-commerce applications, building PKI and symmetric based crypto solutions as well as a number of varied consulting engagements. In his spare time, he uses Node.js to automate his home and life for fun.
Yagiz Nizipli
Voting member, Regular Members

Cross Project Council (CPC) Regular Members

Anyone who has been active in the foundation or one of its member projects, as described in the CPC Governance may request to become a regular member by opening a PR to add themselves to the list of regular members. Outgoing Voting members automatically become Regular members, although they must remain active to retain their status.

Foundation Staff

The OpenJS Foundation is managed by The Linux Foundation.

Robin Ginn
Executive Director
Robin Bender Ginn is the Executive Director for the OpenJS Foundation. (She/Her)
Jory Burson
Vice President of Standards, Linux Foundation
Jory is the chair of the OpenJS Foundation's Standards Working Group. (She/Her)
Kylie Wagar-Dirks
Marketing & Communications Manager
Kylie leads marketing and communications efforts for our projects. (She/Her)
Benjamin Sternthal
Director of Program Management
Ben leads Program Management for OpenJS projects. (He/Him)