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The OpenJS Foundation is comprised of many open source project communities which operate independently, but also collaborate together on the Cross Project Council (CPC). Each project maintains their own communication channels, as does the OpenJS Foundation and the CPC.

All OpenJS Foundation activities are conducted under the OpenJS Foundation Code of Conduct.


We maintain the OpenJS Foundation organization on Github to manage top-level community collaborative processes.  This organization is currently used to collaborate on activities that transcend individual projects.


The CPC operates openly and transparently, conducting discussions and documenting decisions in the openjs-foundation/cross-project-council repo.

Anyone may join CPC meetings and participate in the work of the CPC as an observer.


The OpenJS Foundation Standards Working Group helps coordinate and document standards activities among hosted projects, working in the openjs-foundation/standards repo.

Calendars and meetings

The OpenJS Foundation maintains a calendar (iCal) (Add to Google Calendar) for governance and working group meetings.  Meetings on this calendar are open for anyone to join.


The OpenJS Foundation maintains the OpenJS Foundation Slack Workspace. You can join the OpenJS Foundation workspace through this Slack invitation link.

Once you join the OpenJS Foundation Slack Workspace, you can participate in any of the public channels.  If you are new to Slack, you can view a full list of available channels by clicking the “Channels” link on the left.

If you are in an OpenJS Foundation project and don’t see a channel for your project, reach out through our service desk and we’ll create one for you!

Mailing lists

The main OpenJS Foundation mailing lists are hosted on The primary public mailing lists are:

  • Announce – A low-traffic, moderated list for various OpenJS Foundation updates.
  • Projects – A low-traffic list for hosted project updates and discussion.

While many of our projects have their own existing mailing list infrastructure, the OpenJS Foundation can also host project mailing lists at  Please get in touch or reach out to for more information.

OpenJS Foundation Member Resources

Any employee of an OpenJS Foundation member may request access to a number of additional mailing lists and committees.

The Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee meets monthly to discuss marketing and outreach programs on behalf of the OpenJS Foundation and its hosted projects.  All current OpenJS Foundation members are welcome to participate by appointing one voting member.

Please contact us at the support desk to add your representative to the Marketing Committee invitation and mailing list.

The Members Mailing List

Employees of OpenJS Foundation member organizations are encouraged to join the members mailing list.  This is a low-volume informational list which we use to communicate major news.  Please note this is not a newsletter.

To join the members mailing list:

  1. Please join the main OpenJS Foundation group with your corporate email address
  2. Once you have confirmed your email address, apply for membership in the members list.

Contacting the OpenJS Foundation

We are here to help.  To get in touch with the OpenJS Foundation directly, please contact our support desk.