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The mission of the OpenJS Foundation is to provide necessary support for the development and governance processes of our hosted projects.  When an organization becomes a member of the OpenJS Foundation, they are making a tangible commitment to the ongoing success and sustainability of many critical projects in the JavaScript ecosystem.

The OpenJS Foundation recognizes the critical supporting role of these organizations, and thanks them for their ongoing support of our project communities.

Platinum Members

Platinum members have made the highest level of financial commitment to supporting the ongoing operations of the OpenJS Foundation, and are entitled to participate directly on the OpenJS Foundation Board of Directors.

Gold Members

Gold members support significant support for the OpenJS Foundation’s many community-focused activities, such as project collaboration infrastructure and the travel fund.

Silver Members

Contributions from Silver members provide essential support for the programs and infrastructure that we provide to our hosted projects.

Getting help with your membership

For help with membership related questions (invoices, logos, access to member committees, etc.) members of the OpenJS Foundation are encouraged to file a ticket with our member service desk.